Viral 'America's Got Talent' star, Kodi Lee, takes class at Michigan State

Kodi Lee and his mother, Tina sat down with News 10's Megan Hiler to talk about the program...
Kodi Lee and his mother, Tina sat down with News 10's Megan Hiler to talk about the program and America's Got Talent (source, WILX). (WILX)
Published: Jul. 18, 2019 at 9:23 PM EDT
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You might have seen him get the 'Golden Buzzer' on America's Got Talent a few weeks ago, and now he's taking a class and Michigan State.

Kodi Lee is staying in East Lansing right now as a part of a music program that is the only one of it's kind.

Kodi and his mom tina were invited to the program before Kodi went on America's Got Talent. It's designed for people who are musically advanced and on the autism spectrum and Kodi is loving every minute.

"I love being a student at Michigan State University!" Kodi Lee said.

"its something that he has always wanted to do, being able to go to college. And the chance to be able to go to college and actually be a part of a university has made him super happy. He's been ecstatic the whole time," Kodi's mother, Tina Lee said.

It's called "Celebrating the Spectrum" and MSU has handpicked its participants for the past four years. It gives students with autism the chance to experience college and learn about music along the way. Professors say the goal is to get the students ready for the concert after the week is up along with so much more.

"I think another goal is to change perceptions of the public as to what people with autism are capable of. It's a way to apply music to improving the greater good," Derek Polischuk said. Polischuk is an associate professor of piano and director of piano pedagogy

This year, there are six talented musicians from across the country. Each day they go to practices, lessons, and more as they work towards the concert.

"The improvement is unbelievable. The way they go from one type of player to a different player in a very, very short amount of time. It lets you know what amazing potential they have," professor of piano and head of piano area Deborah Moriarty said.

Both Kodi and his mother are doing that not only at MSU, but also showing the world what people with autism can do.

Music makes me so comfortable. I feel excited," Kodi Lee said.

"I think Kodi wants everyone who has autism at home to work hard and keep going because that is what I have learned from him. He taught me no matter what and no matter how hard it is, you keep trying," Tina Lee added.

Everyone in the program will be performing Saturday at 4:00 the Cook Recital Hall on campus. Tickets are free if you would like to attend.

The program's participants are on scholarship so it is free for them to go. Celebrating the Spectrum also partners with MSU's Center for Research in Autism, Intellectual and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities.

To learn more about Celebrating the Spectrum, click

To watch Kodi's full America's Got Talen Audition, click

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Posted by Kodi Lee on Tuesday, July 16, 2019