Americans spend a lot in a single day

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A new report looks at just how much the average American spends on a daily basis..
Whether it's buying food, paying bills, or other expenses, Americans spend a lot of money in a single day.
According to: GoBankingRates.Com, in a given day, the average American spends about $164.55.
The firm analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in multiple categories covering both necessary and discretionary spending.
Overall, Americans spend the most money on housing, followed by groceries, utilities and health insurance.
Americans spend the least amounts on alcohol, pets and vehicle insurance.
Millennials, ages 25 to 34, spend more overall per day than every other age group.. about $208.77.
Older gen-xers, ages 45 to 54, have the second highest overall daily spending average, clocking in at $202.48.

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