Advice for shoveling snow

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The last few times it's snowed mid-Michigan has seen the very light fuffy type, that's what is coming down right now. But as the day goes on, we are expecting a denser, wetter,heavier snow, and that can cause it's own type of problems both on the road, and for your health when it comes time to shovel.

News 10 does have some tips from the National Safety Council to help keep you safe.

You'll want to avoid shoveling as soon as you wake up -- as most heart attacks happen early in the morning when blood is more prone to clotting.

Wait at least half an hour after that and then warm up before heading out.

Don't eat a heavy meal right before shoveling

And avoid coffee and smoking for a least hour before - and an hour after you shovel. These stimulants can elevate your blood pressure and heart rate during an already strenuous activity

Things you'll want to keep in mind while you shovel...Use a smaller shovel and only move a little snow at a time.

Dress in layers to avoid hypothermia or overheating.

And make sure your mouth is covered because taking in cold air can trigger breathing problems.

And more than anything...take your time.

Dr. Alicia Williams, Cardiologist says, ""Even if you don't think you have a heart condition if you're breathing in really cold air and using your arms a lot repetitively and so you really want to pace yourself."

The City of Lansing does have a snow ordinance which means residents must shovel their sidewalks or face getting a ticket.

You will have 24 full hours after the last hour of snow stops to clear the snow.