Accuser says former MSU wrestler made her feel unsafe

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EAST LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- A young woman claims Franco made unwanted sexual contact. Thursday, she testified in court what she says happened the night in question.

Austin Franco was in court for his preliminary exam Thursday morning. He's charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct.

"It felt like my body was objectified, and being used as someone else's pleasure. And it's not like he didn't know."

The accuser, who we are not identifying, said she and some friends were with Franco and his friends the night of March 16th.

"Had you consumed and alcohol? Marijuana?" Asked Franco's lawyer, Edwar Zeineh.

"I had," the accuser said.

When the night was over she went back to Franco’s dorm at Wonders Hall and laid on a futon, where she says a friend of his joined her.

"He got close to me and I was like, 'I don't like this, it's making me uncomfortable,'" she said.

She then said she went to the other room, where Franco was already in bed, and asked to sleep there with him.

"When you got into his bed did he have a shirt on?" Asked Zeineh.

"Yes...actually, I can't clearly state that," the accuser said.

Even though the accuser was seventeen at the time, the defense questioned whether Franco and his friends knew that.

"You were at [Lansing Community College]?" Asked Zeineh.

"No, I was going to East Lansing High School," said the accuser.

"But weren't you telling the guys you were with that you were an LCC student?" Asked Zeineh.

"No...I never made the statement..."

"Hold on, please let me finish the question. We can't talk over each there ever a time that you told the gentlemen that you were hanging out with that you were an LCC student?" Asked Zeineh.

"No, that conversation never happened, and I thought it was funny...they were having a conversation about how hanging out with teenage girls was gross," the accuser said. "And I thought it was interesting that no one asked me where I went to school...or how old I was."

Between questioning by the prosecutor and defense, the accuser was on the stand for about an hour and a half.

Judge Andrea Larkin said that she would issue a written statement on the case next Friday, October 11th.