AG recommends Jackson County Sheriff not be removed from office

A judge has ruled that a western Pennsylvania man must stand trial on charges he flushed his grandparents' ashes down a toilet after his mother kicked him out of her home./ Source: MGN
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JACKSON, MI (WILX) -- The Attorney General's office confirms they have decided not to pursue criminal charges against Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand, according to a statement they released.

This comes after a recommendation that was made to Gov. Whitmer to not removed Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand from office.

That recommendation comes from Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel, according to Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies.

He said Nessel's office sent him a letter stating she would not make the recommendation.

Sheriff Rand was caught on audio making derogatory comments toward minorities and women.

In the statement from the Attorney General's office, it does say Rand's comments were "vile and distasteful, the evidence collected during your investigation does not support bringing criminal charges against Rand."

Mayor Dobies said this won't stop him from finding other avenues to get Sheriff Rand removed.

"Ultimately, he can either resign, we'll continue to pursue his removal, or next year when the election happens people will maybe have the opportunity to chose someone else," Dobies said.

Back in March, Mayor Dobies sent the governor a 264 page request to have Sheriff Rand removed. It included allegations lawsuits, news stories and more.

After reviewing the request, the governor's office sent it over to the attorney general. We will continue to follow this story and we'll update you when we learn more.

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