AAA says new headlights could make night driving easier

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New research from AAA shows new headlight technology could make driving at night a lot easier.

It's called adaptive driving beam headlights.

It basically leaves the high beams on at all times.

The lights dim down as oncoming traffic comes into view or if street lights provide enough light.

The technology is not currently accepted by U.S. standards.

But it's already in use in Canada and throughout Europe.

"It hasn't quite caught on," says AAA's Karen Foco.

She adds, "I'm sure it will add some cost to the cost of an automobile and we've got to prove it does indeed make roadways safer."

AAA says approval of this type of technology in the U.S. could still be years away.

The auto group is reminding everyone to adjust their driving depending on how dark it is.

To keep everyone safe on the roads.

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