A tale of a botched purse snatching

Purse snatcher caught (Source LPD)
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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) - A purse is snatched, a villain takes off, and the hero runs after him, eventually getting the purse back.

Leslie Otto, "Jo Jo," was at lunch eating sushi on the patio of the Sushiya near Grand River and Bailey.

That's when the suspect, Ivan Shayne Rulison II, Lansing, grabbed her purse and ran, according to East Lansing Police Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez.

The call came in at 2 p.m. on September 7.

Police say the witness followed the suspect while talking to 911.

On the phone he was able to direct the police in which direction the man was heading and they were there to head him off.

"Rulison II was apprehended on Grand River within minutes," Gonzalez said.

He has been booked and arraigned on one count of felony larceny from a person.

"We are grateful for the witness’s willingness to call 911 and keep an eye on the suspect as he attempted to leave the area," said Gonzalez. "Without him directing our officers to the suspect it was possible that he could have gotten away with this crime."

The MSUPD assisted East Lansing Police.

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