Five dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring to be put down, people fighting to save five more

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - An agreement was reached Wednesday to give dogs involved in a recent dog fighting bust in Mid-Michigan to the Ingham County Animal Control.
Some dogs will be put down and the others evaluated.


It's only ten of the 53 dogs currently being held by the Ingham and Eaton County Animal Controls, but it still makes a difference.

The director of the Ingham County shelter, John Dinon, says the five dogs that won't automatically be euthanized might be able to be rehomed after an animal behaviorist evaluates them.

"They'll look at their histories and the background that they came out of but really they're going to make an assessment of the dogs," Dinon describes.

That's what matters to people like Jamie Hillman: that these dogs get a chance.

"These dogs are victims," Hillman states. "They're not the criminals and they deserve a chance. They didn't ask to be put in the situation they were in and they deserve a chance to prove themselves to be loving pets."

She believes these dogs have the opportunity for redemption.

"For many of these situations, dogs have been saved and they've gone on to be wonderful family pets, therapy dogs, ambassadors for their breed, agility dogs, you know, you can't blame these dogs for the situation that they came from."

The animal behaviorist will decide if they'll be able to go onto those types of things. People like Hillman are optimistic that the ones that can be will make great pets some day.