"Gives you piece of mind" a new travel companion

Published: Dec. 14, 2017 at 12:28 PM EST
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It's the holiday season, and that means many people will travel by air. In fact more than 8 million people a day on average, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In a perfect world, some say they would like airplanes to be thoroughly cleaned after each flight. But because of time that can't always happen. News 10's Alani Letang sits down with the MSU alumna and Michigan native who invented a product that will keep you safe and clean on your next flight.

"Let's face it, we live in a very germy world," said Gina Hoensheid the CEO and founder of Seat Sitters. Seat Sitters is a travel companion, designed to give you a barrier between you and germs so you can have a clean and comfortable ride. Gina said everytime her family would fly someone would end up sick at the start of the trip. So as a mom she said she saw a need to protect her husband and two kids. "I said there has to be a better way to travel, so I created Seat Sitters," said Gina.

The kit comes complete with a seat cover, face mask, tray table cover, wet wipes, and a peanut-allergy sticker. Gina said the peanut stickers are a great way to bring awareness to others on the plane who might be near a person with the allergy. She told Letang since her launch this year she has received rave reviews from travelers and flight crews.

Gina said, "a lot of people have the same concerns I do, so I felt a lot of great feedback from when started this. And they were like 'it's the perfect answer.'" A perfect answer to solution and Gina said it can be fun.

"And now that you're all safe and your kids are safe, your kids are bored," said Letang.

"Yes the kids' edition comes with two crayons, and you can draw directly on the tray table cover with the crayons" responded Gina. She said she has seen many adults using the crayons as well to draw out plans or doodle.

Gina first came up with a different model a few years ago that were used for stadium seats. Her customers expressed a need for other seats that they would like to see protected, i.e. airplane seats. So she listened to her fans and expanded her business to airplane travel.

Gina said, "their sense of urgency and pushing me said you need to launch this now because there is a great need for it."

Gina said her next goal is to make her product not only available online but inside airport stores. She said that would be ideal because her customers can pick it up and head straight to their plane.

Gina did a lot of research for the airplane design the right color, fit, and fabric. To ensure she was doing a thorough job she even purchased her own airplane seats.

"We decided to do a black color because it was kind of discrete on a plane. We didn't want it to be you're a germophobe or you're a freak, it's chic to be clean" said Gina.

Seat sitters are also designed to fit on movie theaters seats as well. And they are good for up to five washes, or you can recycle them after your first use.



You can also purchase Seat Sitters product on Amazon.