New bill to protect animals being tested on is introduced to the State House

LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- News 10 first broke the story earlier this month on the Humane Society of the United States undercover investigation at a lab doing animal tests in Michigan.

Dozens of beagles were being used for a year-long test on the toxicity of a new fungicide.

A bill introduced in the State House would require research facilities to put cats or dogs no longer being used for testing up for a adoption through a state-based animal shelter.

It comes after the Humane Society's undercover video of animal testing at the "Charles River Laboratories" in Mattawan was released.

According to the Humane Society, the dogs were set to be put down after the year-long tests.

A week after the video was released Corteva Agriscience, a division of Dow DuPont Incorporated, said the testing stopped.

The company ultimately reached an agreement with Michigan Humane Society to re-home the dogs.

A bipartisan bill currently sitting in a State House committee would also require more transparency from labs.

House Bill 4496

That data only goes to the federal government.

Under the bill it would be up to labs to determine if the animals are healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

Any animals whose health or safety concerns may still be euthanized.

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