NRA report shows increase in women purchasing guns

NRA report shows increase in women purchasing guns

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LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) -- A National Rifle Association report shows there is an increase in women purchasing firearms. Those with Center Target Firearms in Laurel County, Kentucky said many women are buying guns for safety.

As more women take the step to protect themselves and their families, experts said it's important a woman picks out a gun she is comfortable with firing.

"Women just shouldn't be scared. If they're scared, the best thing to do is shoot until you get comfortable with it. Practice, don't be scared of a gun," said Erin Muise, who works at Center Target Firearms.

Employees said it's also important for women to make sure they practice with their gun because they want to be confident and able to safely fire it, if necessary.

"You can't just buy the gun and then just leave it in the desk drawer and expect that when you need it, that you're going to be accurate. You actually have to get out and practice," Dan Smoot, the director of operations at Center Target Firearms.

For more information visit Center Target Firearms' website.

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