SPECIAL REPORT PREVIEW: The facts about smart meters

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If you don't have one already, your new meter is coming soon.

"Starting this fall, the meters will be able to let us know when there are power outages and where they are," said Dennis McKee with Consumers Energy. "The meters will help us to get away from estimated meter reads"

The Board of Water and Light and Consumers Energy are in the process of bringing Smart Meters to mid-Michigan.

"Having smart meters allows us to leverage our network. our infrastructure, our polls and our wires and our water pipes better for better efficiency," said Kellee Christensen.

But the new meters also come with privacy concerns.

"They do great things for the grid, the electrical grid, and they help electrical company more efficiently manage the electrical load," explained Adam Candeub, the Director of Intellectual Property and Information Program at MSU. "But they have the potential at least of disclosing personal details about you and me."

The facts about smart meters, tonight on News 10 at 6.

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