98-year-old clears snow for neighbors

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(NBC) -- A Washington state woman says her 98-year-old World WaII veteran neighbor just can't stop serving others.

It took one look outside her window for sarah gillespie to make plans for the day.

S/sarah gillespie - resident:04
"sit on my couch with my dog and do nothing."

But take a closer look... Past the snow ... For something, someone, she didn't expect.

Sarah gillespie - resident
"looked out my window and there was mac, my 97 year old neighbor a couple doors down, snowblowing my side of the sidewalk, the whole block, without being asked. - i haven't seen any other 97 year olds out doing that. I mean, for goodness sakes, we should be out doing his yard."

It turns out mac's actually 98... And serving his community? That's second nature for this world war two veteran.

S/sarah gillespie - resident:
"he's a national hero, but he's my local neighbor hero because i don't have a snowblower, i don't know how to use one...

From the trenches of normandy... To plowing trenches in north spokane... We had to ask mac ourselves: Why?? -

"well, somebody's got to do it."

A simple answer from a simple man... Who simply sees this as, well, it's pretty simple:

"gotta get my exercise some way. I can't sit around, i wouldn't live long if i sat in my chair and watched some tv all day."

So, as long as mac's muscles need some work... This neighborhood will be a white wonderland that any sleigh can pass.

S/sarah gillespie - resident:03
"i gave him cookies for christmas and i tell you, that's not nearly enough, i need to start baking more."