8-year-old boy leads new DJ business with his family

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 8:15 PM EST
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They say big dreams start small and that's exactly the case for one of Lansing's newest production businesses, because the DJ for Evoke Productions is only 8-years-old.

Zaydin McFadden is an elementary student by day and a DJ by night.

"I love listening to music, and DJing and dancing and it doesn't matter about my age," said Zaydin.

And his family is more than supportive because Evoke Productions is actually family business.

His parents say his passion for music started when he was a toddler when he constantly heard music around the house.

"He kinda has this memory bank for music, it's pretty incredible really," said Zaydin's mom, Candis McFadden.

A memory bank that's filled with music influenced from both Zaydin's dad and brother.

"He listens to them and whatever they are playing," said Candis.

So the question for the family became 'why not' put this passion and dream to practice and start a family DJ business this year.

"You should never let go of a dream, you should pursue it always, what is the worst that can happen?" said Aaron McFadden, Zaydin's dad. "And Zaydin was all about DJing for real events."

And the family couldn't be more excited to work together, with the boys taking care of the music and mom as their manager.

"What could be better, all you do is hang around your family that you love and do what you want to do," said Spencer Prozmire, Zaydin's brother.

And this energy shows to their audience and clients.

"Their positive attitude is great, their energy is great and their willingness to dance with our guests and get involved is great," said Paige Bartkowika, who hired Evoke for an event.

Evoke Production is not only fun and games for the family, but a learning experience for Zaydin and Spencer to run on their own someday.

"This is really just to show them that entrepreneurship is huge," said Aaron. "That's what I am trying to instill in them for them to take over. It's for us to start, for them to run with and be a family business."

The business is proven to be successful so far, DJing events like the Night to Shine fundraiser in Lansing.

According to their website, Evoke is already booked for most of the year.

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