'She lost her babies, she lost everything': Family of Lansing fire victims speak out

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - From neighbors who awoke from the fire, to friends and family, the devastation of the loss of the three children is clear. Fresh flowers have already started showing up for a family who's house caught on fire early Wednesday morning.

Alyssa Walker with her fiance.

Tammy Franco, the aunt of the children’s mother, says she got a call from her sister, that no aunt wants to hear.

She broke the devastating news that her niece Alyssa Wallace’s three sons didn’t make it out.

“They wouldn’t let anyone on the street. By the time I got close enough, they were already taking the children to the hospital," said Franco.

Alyssa's sister Amelia Wallace says the family has a long road to recovery ahead of them.

"How are we supposed to move forward when three babies just passed away? They didn’t deserve this. They were babies," said Amelia.

Alyssa is in stable condition at Sparrow Hospital. Her fiance is in serious condition at University of Michigan's burn center.

"He was burned pretty bad trying to get in the house to get the kids out and his daughter as well. My nieces step-daughter was also taken to U of M," said Franco.

The step-daughter who is only 5 years old is in critical condition. Visiting from Texas, Franco says she isn't leaving until she knows her niece is okay.

"I'm going to stay here until we get my niece- I mean she lost everything. She lost everything. She lost her babies, she lost everything,” said Franco.

The 18-month-old has been released from the hospital.

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