Lansing City Hall redevelopment does not include plan for city lockup

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- Lansing's Mayor Virg Bernero approved a plan to sell the current City Hall building to a developer, who will transform it into a hotel. The proposal could hit a major roadblock since it does not include plans to relocate the attached police station, city lockup and district court.

Under the same plan, Lansing City Hall will be moved to the former Lansing State Journal building on the corner of Lenawee Street and Grand Avenue.

"I'm amped up and ready to go to get this project done and hand it off to Mayor-Elect Schor. What we are talking about is getting the paper work done..getting the approvals through city council so that Mayor-Elect Schor can hit the ground running," said Mayor Bernero.

But even if all of that is done, there are still some huge decisions left to be made. Mayor-Elect Schor will be in charge of what the new City Hall will look like and where Lansing Police Headquarters and 54-A District Court will go.

The Mayor says getting a new hotel downtown will draw more tourists and conventions, which will help Lansing's economy. Some people are excited about the change, others want to keep things the way they are.

"People aren't looking at maybe security reasons..I mean this is the Capitol..and then you will have more tourists and different kind of people...different crowds. You know City Hall is great right where its at," says Lansing resident, Timmy Stanford.

"I think its a great idea. I think that we are the Capitol and we should have big things and the city should be built up bigger. Hopefully it will bring positive things", says Lansing resident, Chelsy Thorton.

The Mayor thinks it will be a positive change and hopes he's setting up his successor for success.

"Sixty years ago the folks who proceed us built this beautiful and incredible facility. It was state of the art at that time. Now its our turn..we have to build for the next 60 years," says Mayor Bernero.

The City Council will need to approve the deal. It will take six of the eight council members to vote "Yes." The deal calls for Lansing to pay a maximum of $50 million in bonds for the new city hall. The bonds would be paid off with property tax revenue from the hotel, as well as money the developer pays to lease the land.

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