Man plans to take public prayer fight to Supreme Court

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Jackson, Mich. (WILX) - A Jackson man who believes Christian prayers at County meetings are against the U.S. Constitution may take his fight to the Supreme Court.

Peter Bormuth says he'll continue fighting for change, despite a federal appeals court ruling Wednesday there's nothing illegal about Christian-only prayers at Jackson County's Board of Commissioners meetings.

Bormuth says he's disappointment by the decision but not surprised. In a statement sent to News 10 he said, "Judge Griffin's opinion for the Court ignores the fundamental difference between a guest minister and an elected official. It suggests that coercion by the government only exists if physical intimidation or force is used and subjects religious belief to majority rule. It formulates a historical tradition of legislator-led prayer that never existed from a few carefully selected abberations in the historical record that involve legislators who were also ordained christian ministers."

Bormuth, who's a pagan, believes the rights of non-Christians are being violated.