Police release video of fatal officer-involved shooting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) -- The Fairbanks Police Department in Alaska held a press briefing Tuesday morning, releasing video footage of an officer-involved shooting in May that left one man dead.

At around 3 p.m. on May 25, Alaska state troopers were investigating a case involving a stolen vehicle and property when they encountered a truck driven by suspect, Shawn Buck, approaching the scene.

A traffic stop was initiated, but shortly after stopping, Buck fled the scene at a high rate of speed.

Buck was known to have three active, no-bail, felony warrants for his arrest.

Buck continued, exceeding speeds of over of 100 miles per hour.

AST sent out a warning of shots fired.

Dash-cam audio in Trooper cruiser: "Troopers up there in the SUV, stay back. (BANG) It sounds like he already fired a shot, so don't get any closer."

Responding units attempted to set up spike strips near the Badger Road overpass. Troopers say Buck pointed a weapon at officials as he passed by.

Fairbanks Police Officers attempted to stop the pursuit by blocking the northbound Richardson on-ramp. As Buck approached the roadblock, he drove through the ditch onto the southbound on-ramp, traveling the wrong direction back towards the Richardson Highway.

Buck then drove towards patrol units, repeatedly colliding with the guardrail and officer vehicles.

Officers fired their weapons.

At the time, officials believed they or their fellow officers were about to be killed or gravely injured by Buck.

Fairbanks Police Department says Buck repeatedly used the truck as a weapon and fired a handgun during the pursuit. You can see during the crash Buck holding a gun to his head and a bullet hole shot by him through his front window.

Buck was transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital by ambulance but died shortly after arrival.

The determination was made by the State of Alaska Office of Special Prosecution that all officers involved in the shooting were legally justified in their use of deadly force against Shawn Buck.

"What we do know is that I think everybody acted in an extremely courageous and professional manner," said Fairbanks PD Deputy Chief Brad Johnson. "It's never the outcome that we want, but Mr. Buck's actions determined the outcome and unfortunately, those are the actions that he took."

The Fairbanks Police Department says they appreciate the patience, support and trust shown by the community during this investigation process and want to thank all the agencies involved.