UPDATE: 24 recreational marijuana operations licenses "conditionally" approved

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) - Lansing City Clerk, Chris Swope, has conditionally approved 24 recreational marijuana operations licenses and now those businesses can continue through the process with the state.

(Source: Cannabis Tours/MGN)

"What we have approved today is primarily retail which is where they can buy it and grows where it can be grown for later processing and sale," said Chris Swope, Lansing city clerk.

Swope approved 11 licenses for retail shops, 10 grow licenses along with a processor and a transporter. Now those shops can continue through the licensing process with the state.

There's no timeline on when they will be fully approved, but Swope said for those with medical licenses, it should be days or weeks.

"Eight of those are already fully licensed on the medical side so we think their approval time with the state will be very quick," Swope said.

That means the number of licenses Lansing can give out are dwindling. The city has a cap of 28 with 20 locations licensed for medical marijuana.

"That kind of takes up some of the locations so that's why the ones we've approved already have an approved medical location," Swope said.

While dispensaries wait for product to be grown, they will be able to sell some of their medical marijuana--once approved by the state.

The city has not yet approved any sites where people can smoke.

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