2 pit bulls save young children from venomous copperhead snake

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BRANDON, Fla.(CNN)- A couple of pit bulls are getting extra rubs and special attention, after saving two young children from a dangerous snake.

The brave four-legged heroes are Slayer and his buddy Paco. Grandmother Melissa Butt of Brandon, Florida says her dogs saved her grandchildren. 4-year old Zayden and 1-year old Mallory were playing in the garden unaware a venomous copperhead snake was lurking in the grass.

The reptile was just inches from the children when the two pit bulls sprang into action. Both dogs began barking, angrily warning the snake to leave.

Slayer then rushed in and was bitten by the snake. Paco who came to Slayer's aide was also bitten. Slayer suffered deep wounds to his face and snout. Paco was bitten on the leg. Both pups were rushed to a local animal hospital where they were given anti-venom. The animals were in bad shape when they arrived at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon. “We need to get the anti-venom…quickly, in order for them to get a good prognosis. It is very, very painful,” Dr. Shelby Loos said. “We give them medicine for pain and make them as comfortable as possible. But, we have to act fast.”

Butt says her dogs proved why they are man's best friend. "That absolutely would have been one of my grandchildren whether it be yesterday, or today or tomorrow" she said.

Thanks to the animal rescue group, Frankie's Friends, Butt was able to raise the money to pay for the expensive treatment for her dogs.
“Pets are truly part of the family, and in this case, they proved that to every extent possible,” said Danielle Martin of Frankie's Friends.

Paco has recovered and is now home running around his yard. Slayer is still in the hospital, but the veterinarian says he is in good spirits, wagging his tail. He should be reunited with his beloved family soon.

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