UPDATE: Officer on administrative leave after shooting suspect over weekend

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) -- Sunday, the 100 block of West Mansion street in Jackson was much calmer than the night before.

Jackson Police confirmed on Monday that on Saturday, Feb. 2 around 6:30 p.m. that officers did head over to the 100 block of W. Mansion St. for a welfare check.

Dispatch received the call from a different address.

Once they arrived on the scene, they could hear the suspect and a woman screaming from inside the residence.

An officer could see the suspect through the window with the woman in a headlock.

They entered the home and could see the man with a knife, he was holding the woman as hostage, according to police.

An officer took aim at the suspect and shot him in the neck area which allowed the woman to break free.

Police could see she had a stab wound to her back caused by the suspect.

She has been identified as the mother of the suspect who has been identified as a 29-year-old man from Jackson. He is also listed as a parole absconder.

If you know anything, contact MSP Detective Lieutenant Jeremy Brewer at (517) 712-5016.

The officer involved in the shooting has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

A neighbor said he was surprised the mother was living with her son, as the two had had problems.

And another was happy the fiancee and child were not hurt.