141-year-old fruitcake is a Michigan family's heirloom

Photo: Ramey Logan / CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo: Ramey Logan / CC BY-SA 4.0(KWQC)
Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 10:57 PM EST
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A Michigan family has been passing down a 141-year-old homemade fruitcake as a family heirloom.

The cake was originally preserved to honor Fidelia Ford, who baked the cake in 1878.

Since then, the cake has been passed down family members.

Now the cake is a tribute to Ford's great grandson, Morgan Ford, who died in 2013.

The Detroit News reports that Morgan Ford held on to his family's fruitcake for 93 years and has shown off the artifact at church and family gatherings, sharing stories about its history to younger relatives.

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