UPDATE: Police say a fight broke out that led to 12-year-old boy being shot

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JACKSON, MI. (WILX) -- A 12-year-old boy is still in the hospital Wednesday after he was shot in the ear Tuesday night inside a home at West Trail Street and Steward Avenue.

A 12-year-old remained hospitalized Wednesday after the child was shot in the ear Tuesday night inside a home at West Trail Street and Steward Avenue. (Source WILX)

The child has a non-fatal injury and didn’t appear to be targeted during an altercation that occurred outside the home, said Elmer Hitt, Jackson’s police and fire services director.

Police said a fight broke out in the 500 block of West Trail Drive. Police say the people involved in that fight started shooting and a stray bullet went through a nearby house hitting the young boy.

Jackson Police were called to a fight at West Trail Drive and Steward Avenue, which is located about a quarter mile from the high school. A car in a driveway on West Trail Drive had its windows busted out, which police say could have led to the fight.

"We do believe some other subjects showed up at the residence and originally smashed out some of the windows of that car and then the altercation transpired. Ultimately, there were gun shots fired," Hitt said.

One of those shots went into a nearby home and hit the 12-year-old boy in the ear. He was taken to Henry Ford for treatment.

"He is going to be okay. I don't know the extent of the actual damage to the ear," Hitt said.

Hitt said it’s unclear who shot the child, but one person is in custody for a possession of cocaine charge. The man arrested at the scene was scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Police said the shooting happened at the intersection around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, and they are still investigating what caused the fight.

The shooting happened about the same time Tuesday that city officials discussed at City Hall a plan to curb gun violence in the city.

The city council passed part of the mayor's plan on Tuesday night. They approved to fund a Cure Violence Pilot Project, which is part of a national organization called "Cure Violence" and is a neighborhood outreach program focusing on intervention.

People known as "interrupters" will build relationships with members of the community who are known to be involved in conflict.

"It's definitely a community-based project," said John Willis, director of neighborhood outreach, city of Jackson. "It's not us sitting down in city hall and saying we're going to do this, we're going to do this. This is where we're coming out to the community, hearing from the community what they see, what they need to be done."

Council members approved funding for the program for the rest of the fiscal year.

Next year, they'll take a look at the results and decide whether or not to renew its budget.

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