11-Year Old Stabs Self With EpiPen

BOSTON, Ma. (WILX) -- It's the call parents just don't want to get, their child suffering a medical emergency on school grounds, but that's the call a Boston father, Chris May got yesterday.

His 11-year-old son had somehow injected himself with an EpiPen during gym class.

They boy had been learning how to use trainer EpiPens in health class at McDevitt Middle School.

The trainer pens do not have the actual drug in them, but there was some sort of mixup.

The boy ended up injecting himself with an actual EpiPen.

The nurse notified his parents who took him to the hospital. He's fine now, but his dad has questions.

"My first question is how did a live EpiPen get mixed in with trainers, how did prescription drug be available to a student in a school in health class," said May.

School officials are investigating.