10 Questions for the Candidates: Tyler Palmer

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Tyler Palmer is the Libertarian running for Michigan's 93rd state House of Representatives district. The 93rd district covers Clinton County and most of Gratiot County. To see his opponents' answers to the same questions, click here.

*Responses have been lightly edited for grammar

1. Tell us about your personal life and your personal background.

I’m a life-long resident of Saint Johns, Michigan. I graduated from Saint Johns High School and went on to further my education at Lansing Community College. My education was focused on business and entrepreneurship. After my schooling, I helped establish our family-owned auto body repair facility with my Dad and Grandfather, where I currently manage our business operations. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Cassidi. We have no children, yet. She and I attend Pilgrim United Methodist Church just outside of Saint Johns. I am also the current treasurer of the Capital Area Libertarian Party and an active member of the St. Johns community.

2. What inspired you to run?

Going into business with my Dad really opened my eyes to the burdensome rules and regulations imposed upon small business… and that was before I saw the annual tax bill. Once I realized that the government was making more money from our family business than our own family was, and realizing that we aren’t the only small business for which that’s true, it forced me to throw my hat into the ring. The Democrats just seem to want to spend our money, and the Republicans don’t seem to care about it unless it’s an election year. I’m running as a Libertarian because I actually mean it when I say that I want to reduce the size and scope of government.

3. What are the biggest issues affecting your district and Michigan right now?

Auto insurance is too damn expensive. This is the biggest issue facing us as Michiganders.

4. What will be your biggest priority in Lansing if you are elected?

As the biggest issue facing our State is the absurdly high costs of auto-insurance, I intend to address this problem immediately. The primary reason that costs are so high is the government’s mandate for “no-fault” insurance. As someone in the auto-body industry, I’ve seen the disastrous ramifications of this system. I want to transition our State from a “no-fault” State to a “tort-based” State, as well as allowing drivers to purchase auto insurance from out-of-state.

5. What experiences will make you an effective legislator?

I believe being independent of the two major party’s leadership will allow me to focus on the needs of the district rather than the needs of the party’s largest financial contributors. Further, my experience in the private sector is far superior to the public sector experience that Dawn and Graham offer. It’s time to say no to politicians and lawyers, and time to say yes to businessmen and women with real-world experience.

6. What characteristics or principles will make you an effective legislator?

Integrity and independence from party bosses are important, and I’m the only candidate that can offer both. Further, I’m the only candidate for this office that has espoused respect and admiration for the Constitution of the United State of America. My background as a constitutional rights activist is far superior to the ambitions for a future political career of my two opponents. I’m in this because I believe in the idea of individual liberty. I believe that all involuntary taxation is theft, and I will fight against it via any avenue that is available.

7. What most informs your policymaking?

Beyond political philosophy, what will drive my policymaking the most is factual data and empirical evidence. I want to make certain that what our legislature does is good for the district, rather than good for the swamp-monsters in Lansing.

8. What is the most important duty of a state legislator?

The protection of his or her constituents’ constitutional rights, and of their money, from our own government. Government is nothing more than a necessary evil, just like taxes, and should be restrained and limited whenever possible.

9. How much do you value bipartisanship and compromise?

Whenever you hear the word “bipartisan” is simply means that the R’s and D’s are teaming up to steal our money or infringe on our most basic human rights. I value cooperation in protection of our constituents’ rights and money, but I will not compromise when it comes to my constituents’ rights or their money. Lansing doesn’t know best…. You know best.

10. Why should people vote for you?

I’m not a career politician, and I’m not a member of either corrupt old party. I’m independent of the control of party bosses and their financial contributors. I will fight for the people of the district, I will fight for their money and for their rights. As a Libertarian I believe that taxation is theft, and If you send me to Lansing I will fight to reduce the size and scope of Michigan’s government. I should be voted for because I value the Constitution and I value the Declaration of Independence. My opponents hardly mention either. Don’t send any more lawyers or swamp-monsters to Lansing; send me and I’ll clean up the mess.

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