10 Questions for the Candidates: Ron Muszynski

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Ron Muszynski is the Libertarian running to represent Michigan's 16th state senate district. The 16th district covers Jackson, Hillsdale and Branch counties. To see his opponents' answers to the same questions, click here.

*Responses have been lightly edited for grammar

1. Tell us about your personal life and your personal background.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo in 1981 and have spent most of my life designing….stuff. My wife of 31 years is a program manager for Johnson Controls. We homeschooled both of our kids at a time when most people thought that homeschooling was illegal. Joel, 28, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Spring Arbor University and is a charter school teacher. My daughter Charli, 21, graduated with a dual major from Duquesne University at the age of 19. I am now struggling to figure out what interesting thing to do with the next phase of my life and I would be honored to represent the citizens of Michigan.

2. What inspired you to run?

Since the last general election, seven tax increases have been imposed upon me. We have the country’s highest gas tax. We have the country’s highest auto insurance rates. Republicans could not rescind the extra (temporary) 10-year, one-percent rise in our income tax rates. Our roads and infrastructure have been badly managed. My property taxes have risen and I can no longer afford to live in Michigan.

3. What are the biggest issues affecting your district and Michigan right now?

The failure of “Common Core” in our school system. The schools are not secure and many still have lead contaminating their drinking water.

4. What will be your biggest priority in Lansing if you are elected?

To improve the competitive nature and safety of our schools.

5. What experiences will make you an effective legislator?

Since I would be the only small government-leaning legislator, I would bring a new and interruptive way of thinking to this monolithic big government-thinking legislature.

6. What characteristics or principles will make you an effective legislator?

I find that I enjoy listening more than speaking, and I find that by using your best empathic skills you find that solutions are easier if people truly understand each other.

7. What most informs your policymaking?

Mostly a wide variety of books. I also enjoy magazines, television news and some radio.

8. What is the most important duty of a state legislator?

To first do no harm.

9. How much do you value bipartisanship and compromise?

The art of sacrificing and compromising your values in order to accomplish a goal that you do not have is interesting.

10. Why should people vote for you?

I believe that people have a right to make and design their own lives. Currently, two arms of the legislature fight each other so that they may have the privilege to force and coerce you into living your life the way that they seem fit.

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