10 Questions for the Candidates: Katie Nepton

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Katie Nepton is the Libertarian running for Michigan's 24th state Senate district. The 24th district covers Eaton County, Clinton County and northeast Ingham County. To see her opponents' answers to the same questions, click here.

*Responses have been lightly edited for grammar

1. Tell us about your personal life and your personal background.

I am a small business owner; I run a law firm, a truck leasing company and my tax resolution business should launch any day now. I’m a proud aunt of three boys and a sister of many. I have lived in Connecticut, New York, Florida and Michigan, which I love. My best adventure was a trip around the country of busses for 45 days of travel.

2. What inspired you to run?

I want to give people options. The two-party system hurts America and individual Americans. I believe in freedom – as much freedom for the individual as possible. No politician was talking about this.

3. What are the biggest issues affecting your district and Michigan right now?

Small businesses. As a lawyer I have to be regulated, and I should be. But the lady who cuts my hair? The person who sells me a house? Regulating small businesses ensures a monopoly and goes against capitalism. This needs to stop.

4. What will be your biggest priority in Lansing if you are elected?

Cleaning up. I want to clean up the laws on the books and redistribute power out of the government, or at least hand it to local authorities.

5. What experiences will make you an effective legislator?

I grew up in a foster home; I am a foster sister the way a foster parent is a parent. I’ve always lived with a great number of people who don’t always get along. As one of the oldest I became quite excellent at negotiating and compromise while still accomplishing goals.

6. What characteristics or principles will make you an effective legislator?

I have very strong principles and I believe character is about integrity above all else. I also believe that we shouldn’t govern principles. God chose to give the freedom of choices; I think the government should follow suit.

7. What most informs your policymaking?

All new policies will have to pass the following test before I would get involved:
• Is this a good idea that will actually help my neighbors?
• Is this something the government should be involved in?
• Is this something that should be handled statewide, or would a local law help as much?
• Where does the state senate get the power to act on this issue? Without power, the senate cannot act.

8. What is the most important duty of a state legislator?

Ensuring the rights of the individual are not being taken away.

9. How much do you value bipartisanship and compromise?

In a state with a million ideas which is divided into two main groups compromise is incredibly important. We must find the common ground to be able to achieve results.

10. Why should people vote for you?

I will help give power back to the citizens of Michigan. The smaller the government, the smaller the taxes… and the larger the freedoms for the individual!