Report: Many Uber, Lyft drivers fail to respond to recalls

Uber and Lyft (Source: Lyft)
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One in six Uber and Lyft drivers in the New York City and Seattle areas are driving vehicles with outstanding recalls, according to Consumer Reports.
But taking a taxi or limousine isn't necessarily a safer option. Consumer Reports says nearly a quarter of traditional for-hire vehicles in New York City also have outstanding recalls.
That means there are cars on the road that have been recalled for issues such as faulty air bags and possible engine failure.
Uber says when a driver has an outstanding recall that's serious enough to prompt a "do not drive" warning, that driver is deactivated.
Lyft says cars in those markets are inspected before they hit the road.
The Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates for-hire vehicles in New York City, sends reminders when vehicles are behind on recalls.
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