Old Walter French Academy building catches fire in Lansing

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - As soon as firefighters got to the Walter French Academy, they went inside to find the source of the smoke, but finding it actually look a couple of hours.

"It's very dark. A lot of heavy, heavy smoke, you cannot see literally a foot in front of you, so it's very slow going," Steve Maczurek, Public Information Officer for the Lansing Fire Department, said.

Thursdays intense heat, temperatures went higher than 90 degrees, also forced firefighters to slow down.

"You can only go so far for so long in these conditions, we're not generally used to this heat in Michigan," Maczurek said "The guys out west, down south, they're used to this stuff every day, we are not. So it's just really taking care of our own, we'll cycle guys through whereas normally on a 50 degree day we could go a lot longer."

The building is owned by Eyde Corporation and is currently vacant.

Firefighters put out the fire by 10 p.m.


The fire started just after 5 p.m.

Crews closed Cedar Street at Mount Hope Ave. in both directions to assist in fighting the fire.

At least 5 fire engines are on scene battling the blaze.

Smoke could be seen coming out of the second story of the building.

In 2014, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority listed the Walter French Academy to the National Register of Historic Places.

News 10 has a crew on the scene and is working to gather more information.

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