Man receives cryptic note about his missing pet pigs

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 12:45 PM EST
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A man in Washtenaw County is asking for help finding out what happened to his beloved pet pigs.

The Juliana pigs, Moses and Marvin, were members of Connor Root's family, and he has no idea where they went or who took them.

The mystery has only gotten more bizarre as the days go on.

Root has had the two pigs for years, living with him since the end of college until now in Ann Arbor.

The pigs can do tricks, they love to sleep, and the even went for walks with Root. Root said the pigs they have a lot of love to give.

"They're really well trained," Root said. "At first they weren't allowed up on the couch, but I gave up on that pretty quickly. They were pretty spoiled."

Root wasn't home last Wednesday night when someone accidentally left his door open. Once the pigs got out, he went looking for them for days, but had no luck.

"Right now I just miss my pigs," Root said. "It's been a long week. Just kind of waiting...and hoping."

Root lives on a dirt road, in a rural part of Ann Arbor where neighbors know the pigs. He said it doesn't make any sense why they didn't come back, or why no one has seen them.

That's when the story takes a peculiar turn.

"At around noon on Friday I checked the mailbox and there was the bizarre, strange, and cryptic letter in broken English," Root said.

The letter was physically placed on Root's mailbox, without an envelope. It read: "I am so so sorry about your pigs," then asks for Root's forgiveness, stating they didn't know they were pets.

Root said he was shocked and confused.

"Whoever put it in there must know who I am and where I live. It didn't really tell me exactly what happened, it just implied something happened. They said forgive me, and that was it. It was anonymous."

He has since made a police report, and is asking for the public's help. But Root just wants his boar buddies back on the couch with him, or at the very least, some closure.

"It's just been really strange. It isn't any fun," Root said. "It's been awfully quiet around here and the whole just wondering what happened--that's probably the hardest part. If something has happened to them, it'd be nice to know."

If you know anything about the pigs you can contact Root at 517-416-2389 or the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office at 734-971-8400.

MISSING- 2 male Juliana pigs. Missing from Farm Lane/Waters Rd area. Please keep an eye in outbuildings & under decks. They will be seeking warmth. Their names are Marvin & Moses. 517-416-2389

Posted by Angela DeFant Root on Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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