MSU to give credit for on-campus housing

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 8:16 AM EDT
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After asking students to go home last week because of the coronavirus, Michigan State University is offering money to get students out of campus housing.

Michigan State University has announced it will give refunds to on-campus residents for the leftover cost of room and board.

Many MSU students have returned home or to other residences since the university was shut down, not knowing if a refund would come.

"I remember when the email was sent out, people were leaving like packing up their stuff and getting out of dodge," said Payton Stearns as she packed up her room.

University President Samuel Stanley sent an e-mail to students Monday announcing the reimbursements.

It outlined the following:

The school's residential and hospitality service will offer on-campus students, including those in on-campus apartments a credit of $1,120.

"It isn't a tremendous amount, but it's something. It's something that could help toward next semester just because of the fact that I'm paying out of pocket," said student Markiah Brown.

To qualify students must be checked out by 5 p.m. on April 12, 2020.

Students will have three options to receive the funds.

These include:

• a credit toward next fall’s on-campus housing and dining costs

• a credit toward next fall’s off-campus dining plan

• a direct deposit in the amount of $1,120, less any outstanding balance with the university (if a balance exists)

MSU students who receive funds can either put them toward a meal plan for next year, on-campus housing, or make a direct deposit into their bank account.

However, students who receive money from MSU to pay for room and board like student-athletes and resident assistants aren't eligible.

"I mean we already get free room and board, so it's not a big deal they're already getting their money back for what they paid for and we didn't pay anything anyway," said Resident Assistant Klayton Reading.

Students have to complete a 'Spring Housing Intent Form' by midnight March 20.

For the people who have already moved out, the MSU Residential and Hospitality Services team will reach out to them to see how they would like to receive their credit.

Both Grand Valley University and Central Michigan University have also agreed to some sort of refund for on-campus student housing.

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