Beagle rescued from pesticide testing finds home in Flint

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 4:36 AM EDT
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"Good Boy, good boy," yells Cooper's new Mom Mary Ann Kelly.

She's thrilled the beagle is fitting in just fine at her Flint home.

"He is amazing. This is like no other experience I've ever had in my life because everything is new to him. He knows nothing about being a dog," she laughed.

But Kelly said, he's learning a lot from her other dog Bandit.

"Bandit goes flying out the door, Cooper right on his heels," she explained. "He just loves loves to run and play and all he wants, as you can see, is to be loved."

Kelly believes Cooper about 2-years-old. He only joined her family last Wednesday. She said the Michigan Humane Society placed them together after an application and interview process.

"Bandit actually walked around nicely with him; and oh yeah, life was great!" Kelly said.

Cooper is one of the 36 dogs that was being used by companies on the west side of the state to test pesticides.

"I didn't watch the videos that they posted out there because I lose enough sleep over other things that I see going on out there. So I refused," she explained. "It broke my heart that these dogs were going through this."

The testing stopped after the US Humane Society uncovered what was going on in March.

The Michigan Humane Society is now placing the dogs in good homes.

Fortunately, Kelly said Cooper hasn't shown any signs of abuse.

"For the first two days, he only ate his food off the floor. He's now eating it in a bowl," she explained. "I don't think he'd ever seen a toy before."

You'd certainly never know that!

"He's got nothing but love," she smiled.

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