Job Listings 12/8/17

State Police Trooper 10


Salary: $933.60 - $2,088.00 Biweekly


The Michigan State Police is seeking quality and diverse men and women looking for an exciting and rewarding career in law enforcement. A Michigan State Trooper performs a full range of law enforcement assignments and is a certified police officer by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). A trooper typically works out of a State Police post and patrols the roads of an assigned geographical area to prevent or detect traffic law violations, conduct criminal investigations, and provide a variety of related services to the public.

At the entry level of this classification, employees are initially assigned (earning a paycheck and health insurance benefits) to the Michigan State Police (MSP) Training Academy Recruit School where one completes the required law enforcement officer residential training program (approximately 20-22 weeks), as well as other course work and physical training intended to provide the knowledge and skills required to function as a State Police Trooper. Successful completion of recruit school is mandatory for continued employment. Upon graduation from recruit school, the probationary trooper is assigned to a State Police post and under close supervision, begins to function as a police officer. The employee must satisfactorily complete an 18-month probationary period in this classification. Successful completion of the probationary period is mandatory for continued employment.

Requirements: MUST take and pass the Entry Level Law Enforcement exam to apply for this position.

Willingness to submit to a thorough background investigation designed to measure the applicant's suitability for police work. Must be a United States citizen. Must be a resident of the State of Michigan before graduation from the Academy. Must be at least 21 years of age by recruit school graduation. Must have a valid Michigan driver's license by recruit school graduation. Must possess a satisfactory driving record.

How to Apply: Apply online, URL for the position,

Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 8330797

FT Support General Clerical and Marketing Support


Salary: $15.38-17.22/hour


The Lead Support for Lifelong Learning and Centralized Support is responsible for the direction and oversight of day-to-day operations related to course delivery and faculty support functions for Lifelong Learning & Centralized Support Services. Assist the Director of Lifelong Learning and Centralized Support with the development, implementation and evaluation of course delivery processes. Use systems thinking approach to develop processes and procedures for Lifelong Learning and Centralized Support and monitor the workflow to ensure a high level of instructional support. Serve as a community liaison to facilitate access to LCC services, instruction and activities by providing information to prospective and current students, faculty, staff and the general public with high-level customer service attention. Assist Director, Program Coordinators and Project Management Instructional Design Consultant - LLL with conducting market research related to new course development. Assist with compiling program data for reports and presentations. Serve as a liaison with the Marketing Department to support the promotion of department courses and activities. Assist in the hiring, training, scheduling and delegation of work tasks for and student staff. Work independently as well as cooperatively in a team centered environment, performing a variety of duties and balancing multiple priorities on a continuing basis. Must be available to work evenings and Saturdays on a regular basis in order to coordinate instructional activities and direct the work of support staff. Serve as a back-up resource for CEWD logistics support activities.


Associate's Degree or equivalent combination of work and educational experience.

Demonstrated administrative support and/or leadership experience

Demonstrated significant customer service experience

Demonstrated experience with Microsoft applications


Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum 3 years’ experience in an academic setting

Demonstrated understanding of working with computer technology and media equipment

Experience in marketing with web page maintenance and management

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Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 8343115

Public Health Nurse


Salary: $56,296.00/yr


Under the supervision of the Director of Public Health Nursing, the PHN addresses community needs by defining, planning, implementing, and evaluating the public health nursing services to be rendered. Provides comprehensive professional community health nursing services including prenatal, child, family planning, communicable disease counseling, and adult case management to county residents, primarily high-risk populations, to promote health and wellness. Employees solve problems with considerable autonomy in working with individuals, families, and groups from the most vulnerable and needy in the community to other professional groups and individuals in homes and locations throughout the community. May also provide leadership for specific programs

Essential Functions:

1. Visits individuals and families in their homes, schools, offices, or other community sites to assess physical, mental, cultural, spiritual, developmental, financial, and educational needs and strengths. Works with clients to develop care plans. Works with nutritionists, social workers, physicians, and other community agencies to meet client needs and develop support networks/service plans.

2. Completes assessments for families with special health needs and makes referrals to other health care professionals as appropriate. Provides services to children and their families who are at risk for developmental delays or health conditions, such as, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell disease. Identifies eligible children and receives referrals from the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sparrow Hospital, schools, families, and doctor offices. Evaluates children for developmental concerns using the Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA) Tool. Serves as a service coordinator for Early On

3. Plans, implements, and evaluates interventions for groups of patients, such as lice treatment, post partum depression, infant safety, and parenting skills. Teaches prenatal classes. Organizes, participates, and evaluates health awareness activities, such as mother-baby fairs and school based gatherings.

4. Advises school administrators and other community agencies regarding the interpretation and enforcement of communicable disease guidelines to prevent or minimize the spread of serious and potentially hazardous infection in the defined population.

5. Serves as a health team member providing expert consultation to school administrators in developing and writing school policies and procedures for safely managing children with special needs such as insulin dependent diabetics, tube feedings, asthma, and responding to children adverse medication/antigen reactions.

6. Serves as an integral component of the community health team to develop and implement selected education materials for health, medical, and other providers in the community.

7. Assists management in developing and writing policies, protocols, and procedures regarding the programs and services assigned to the Division of Public Health Nursing.

8. Serves as a resource to team members on program eligibility, coverage and protocols.

9. Assist management in developing and writing policies and procedures for the area of assignment.

10. Assists the supervisor in assigning and reviewing work, and assisting and instructing other employees.

11. Creates and prioritizes individual work schedule to the meet needs of clients and the Health Department.

12. Monitors client progress and the effectiveness of the care plan in order to modify plan and treatment in response to changing client needs.

13. Provides comprehensive case management services and coordinates services provided through a multidisciplinary approach collaborating extensively with multiple community agencies.

14. Provides services under various local, state, and federal programs such as Maternal and Infant Support Services, Children’s Special Health Care Services, Ingham Health Plan, and Medicaid.

15. Maintains a network of community resources to meet needs of low-income and fragile families.

16. Assesses learning needs of individuals and families. Based on assessments, plans, teaches, and evaluates educational presentations in areas such as parenting, nutrition, health care, prenatal care, breast feeding, safety, substance abuse, communicable diseases, and other subjects as needed. Provides self-sufficiency classes to clients.

17. Assesses the immunization status of clients. In accordance with written protocols, administers immunizations and documents immunization record.

18. Works with diverse cultures including non-English speaking clients to overcome barriers to obtaining health care and social/economic services.

19. Prepares comprehensive written reports and recommendations for child development concerns and reviews them with the parents, health professionals, and educational consultants.

20. Reports cases of suspected abuse or neglect of children and adults to the proper authorities in accordance with department policy and state law. Provides consultation to these children and their families.

21. Identifies and reports health needs and concerns of the community to appropriate persons at the Health Department and collaborates with the supervisor to address and manage these issues.

22. In the Children Special Health Care Services program, provides leadership and professional, comprehensive Public Health Nursing services to individuals and families experiencing severely disabling, chronic, or major health conditions or to those with the potential for developing such problems/conditions in order to increase opportunities for children with severe and special health care needs so that they may achieve and maintain optimum health. Provides intensive teaching, intervention, case management, cooperative goal setting, individual and family physical, psycho-social, cultural, and economic assessment, and service planning. Employees exercise considerable independent judgment, autonomy and expertise in working with families, regional and state CSHCS program staff, community providers, outside service agencies, co-workers, and the general public.

23. Represents the Public Health Nursing Division by serving on Health Department and community agency committees and other groups providing information about public health nursing services and participating in the assessment of community needs to establish or revise public health programs, policies, and procedures.

24. Prepares and delivers presentations on various public health topics such as disease specific topics, health risk factors, substance abuse, domestic violence prevention, STI/HIV prevention, healthy family dynamics, and smoking.

25. Ensures that client records are kept secure and confidential and maintained consistent with Health Department policies and procedures and HIPAA standards. Educates clients and families on their rights as related to privacy of medical information.


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Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 8200032