Job Listings 1/18/19

Facilities Maintenance Engineer


Boji Group is a well-established real estate development, property management and construction management firm with an extensive portfolio of commercial real estate and a commitment to excellence in customer service. Boji Group is a Michigan owned and based company, located in Lansing, Michigan.
Position Title: Facilities Maintenance Engineer
Reports To: Director of Facilities
Position Summary: Maintains operations of facilities and facility equipment by completing daily functions; work order requests and repairs
• Unlock buildings and turn lights on, if required
• Check temperatures and reset heat or A/C pumps as needed
• Respond to and close out daily work orders and verbal requests from both Management and Tenants
• Keep buildings as safe as possible at all times
• Heat pump and chiller system start up and winterization
• Call and set up work to be completed by vendors
• Data entry and updates in Yardi Property Management software
• Make keys, repair locks, fix doors and closers
• Make fobs using key programs
• Work with building control programs
• Order supplies from vendors and pick them up when needed and specified
• Construction duties when requested for special projects
• Respond to emergency situations that may arise – On call after hours, weekly rotating schedule
• Responsible of carrying a communication device for rotating on call responsibility
• Each Wednesday or day specified, coordinate extraction of garbage from building if required
• Replace bulbs and ballasts as required
• Remove trash debris from parking lots, sidewalks, and lawns
• Perform preventative maintenance on building equipment on over 500 units including grease, oil, belts, filters
• Coordinate or perform all necessary safety tests (fire pumps, emergency lights, back flow testing)
• Perform recordkeeping
• Prepare and distribute receipts to accounting

• Minimum of 3 years experience in building maintenance
• Have ability to diagnose issues and conduct repairs on HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry areas
• Have ingenuity and imagination needed to problem solve with a variety of old and newer building equipment
• Professional and courteous demeanor with commitment to excellence in customer service
• Experience in team work and team building
• Ability to multi-task; maintain flexibility and to work under time constraints and other stresses
Work Environment:
• Lansing, Michigan. There is minimal, local, travel with this position.

How to Apply:
Submit resume via email to OR fax to 517-485-8604 OR mail to 124 W. Allegan St., Ste. 2100, Lansing, MI 48933. URL for the position,

Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 9300075

Court Officer Research Clerk


Under general supervision of the Circuit Court Judge, researches the law and prepares court opinions, orders, and bench memoranda for the Circuit Court. Also acts as special deputies to the Sheriff’s Department providing courtroom security. Duties include guarding and escorting those in custody to, from and during court appearances. The Court Officer/Research Clerk performs numerous other administrative and jury management tasks.
Essential Functions:

1. Legal Research and Writing: Analyze pleadings, research issues, draft opinions, orders, and bench memoranda regarding motions, bench trials, and administrative and lower court appeals for the Ingham County Circuit Court, and appeals from decisions of the State of Michigan Administrative Agencies.

2. Courtroom Security: Escort prisoners to and from courtroom and remain with prisoner at all times that an incarcerated individual is present in the courtroom. Provide security for Judge, staff, jury and general public. Duties entail effectuating arrests pursuant to specific arrest powers and CO2/pepper spray. Also conducts courtroom preparation and security checks.

3. Miscellaneous: Observe courtroom proceedings necessary for preparation of opinions; correspondence with attorneys or litigants on file maintenance and case management; assist general public with submission of various pleadings including Personal Protection Orders; review of current law and changes thereto; maintain a record of all matters under advisement; maintain and update Opinion bank; preparing, organizing and reviewing daily files for Court proceedings, including reviewing pleadings, determining when to contact attorneys when there are problems; maintain and update law library (including electronic media law library); perform Judicial Assistant duties when necessary; and, assist other courts during the law clerk’s absence.

4. Jury Management: Duties include preparation of jury room; maintaining jury security; escorting jury to and from courtroom and to lunch when necessary; as well as preserving the integrity of jury deliberation.

5. May perform other duties as assigned by the judge.

Other Functions:
• Performs other duties as assigned

Must be a graduate of an accredited school of law. Legal experience in court or law firm preferred.

How to Apply: URL for the position,

Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 7915333

Patient Care Technician PCT


Supports FMCNA's mission, vision, core values and customer service philosophy. Adheres to the FMCNA Compliance Program, including following all regulatory and FMS policy requirements.
Functions as part of the hemodialysis health care team in providing safe and effective dialysis therapy for patients under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse in accordance with FMCNA policies, procedures, and training and in compliance with regulations set forth by the corporation, state, and federal agencies. Responsible for the setup and operation of hemodialysis machines. Assist in the maintenance of a safe and clean working environment. Supports the FMCNA commitment to the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) and CQI Activities, including those related to patient satisfaction and actively participates in process improvement activities that enhance the likelihood that patients will achieve the FMC Quality Enhancement Goals (QEP).
• Responsible for driving the FMS culture through values and customer service standards.
• Accountable for outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers.
• Develops and maintains effective relationships through effective and timely communication.
• Takes initiative and action to respond, resolve and follow up regarding customer service issues with all customers in a timely manner.
• Assist other health care members in providing patient specific detailed education regarding adequacy measures where appropriate - Online Clearance Monitoring (OLC), Adequacy Monitoring Program (AMP), Urea Kinetic Modeling (UKM), and regarding disease process/access.
• Welcome assigned patients and inquire as to their well-being since their last treatment. Report any complaints or observations to the nurse supervisor.
• Evaluate vascular access for patency and report any unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Obtain necessary pre and post treatment vital signs and weight. Report unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Perform vascular access evaluation pre-treatment and report unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Perform vascular access cannulation and report any difficulties in cannulation or unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Perform administration of Heparin as delegated or as allowed by state law.
• Initiate dialysis treatment according to prescribed orders including blood flow (QB) and dialysate flow (QD).
• Evaluate intradialytic problems and provide intervention as prescribed by physician order or as directed.
• Monitor patients' response to dialysis therapy and report any unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Obtain vital signs prior to reinfusion; perform all relevant functions necessary for the discontinuation of treatment - document.
• Discontinue dialysis treatment according to established procedures,
• Evaluate patient prior to termination of venous access - standing & sitting blood pressure.
• Obtain Hemostasis and apply appropriate dressings.
• Evaluate the patient for prior to discharge and report any unusual findings to nurse supervisor.
• Perform and record Pre and Post dialysis evaluation, weight and vital signs with initial identification.
• Responsible for calculating and entry of individual patients' dialysis machine programming for Ultrafiltration (UF) goal; treatment time; Sodium (Na) modeling; and UF modeling as prescribed.
• Responsible for ensuring appropriate safety alarms are enabled, including Narrow Venous Limits (NVL) 160.
• Record accurate and timely information regarding vital signs and treatment parameters onto the Hemodialysis Treatment Sheet with initial identification.
• Responsible for accurate documentation of information related to patient treatment including completion of Hemodialysis Treatment Sheet and, if applicable, progress notes.
• Report any significant information and/or change in patient condition directly to the nurse supervisor.
• Observe patient, and conduct machine safety checks according to facility policy. Report any change or unusual findings to the nurse supervisor.
• Perform and document any intervention for unusual patient status and document patients' response to intervention.
• Evaluate patients' vascular access during treatment including arterial and venous monitoring pressures, provide appropriate intervention as needed, document and report any unusual findings to the nurse supervisor.
• Obtain all prescribed laboratory testing and prepare specimens for collection.
• Maintain environmental integrity and aesthetics - ensure all areas are safe and clean.
• Clean and disinfect dialysis machine surface, chair, equipment, and surrounding area between treatments according to facility policy.
• Conduct all tasks necessary for preparation for dialysis treatment and document where appropriate.
• Perform all required pretreatment dialysis machine alarm testing including Pressure Holding (PHT).
• Initiate Solution Delivery System (SDS) system.
• Ensure that all blood spills are immediately cleaned with appropriate disinfectant according to facility policy.
• Prepare, organize, and efficiently utilize supplies and equipment to prevent wastage.
• Complete and document ongoing participation in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.
• Enters all treatment data into the designated clinical application accurately and in a timely manner.
• Review treatment sheets for completeness, ensure nursing signatures are documented, and ensure omitted entries are completed or corrected where appropriate.
• Prepare initial patient chart for admission and compile paperwork for appropriate placement in chart.
• Prepare lab requisitions for prescribed or stat Lab specimens according to laboratory destination.
• Collect, label, appropriately prepare and store lab samples according required laboratory specifications.
• Ensure collection of lab specimens by appropriate lab courier.
• Perform additional duties as assigned.
Assisting the HT RN:
• May assist HT RN on Home Visit as directed
• Reinforces PD / HHD education under supervision of qualified HT RN
• Schedules and contacts patients regarding appointments
• Weigh patient and obtain vital signs
• Collect treatment records and review for completion. Notify RN of incomplete / missing records.
• Cleaning and prepping treatment room; prep charts
• Preparing lab tubes and requisitions & assisting with lab draw days both pre and post draw (PCT certified phlebotomy or per state regulations)
• Clerical duties as assigned (faxing, mailing to physician offices etc.)
• Obtain home hemo water sampling as directed by the HT RN
• Set-up of the home hemo machine and PD Cycler.
• Assist with exit site care when directed by HT RN.
• Warm dialysate solution when directed by the HT RN
• Draw dialysate solution


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Michigan Talent Bank Job Order Number: 9485698