We thought a little friendly rivalry could be fun and raise some money for the less fortunate in our community. Donate to your favorite anchor team with the donation buttons below their photos.

IF we are able to raise $5000 we have a sponsor who will match that donation!

Want to meet the teams in person? Come to the Lansing Mall on the 14th of December between 12 and 2pm. We’ll be ringing the bells in the food court and at the entrance. And we would love to see you.

All proceeds for to the Salvation Army

Team David and Ann

David Andrews

Ann Emmerich

Team Barrett and Mallory

Barrett Tryon

Mallory Anderson
Help us "Do the Most Good" in Clinton, Ingham and Eaton counties.

As you check things off your list, don’t forget to include your neighbors who are facing difficult challenges. There are people right here in our community who just want to feel safe, or warm, or fed this Christmas.

Your partnership with The Salvation Army helps us to meet these needs and more. Because when you donate to The Salvation Army, you help fight for good.

Any donation you make with this form today will support The Salvation Army of Lansing as it fights not only to meet pressing needs, but to deliver hope for a better future.

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