Andy Provenzano

First Alert Meteorologist
Lansing, MI
Andy Provenzano

Andy grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. When spending time around the Great Lakes he got his love of nature and the weather. Andy studied all types of weather and sciences and even was part of a lecture with Dr. Fujita who invented the tornado F scale for rating damage and wind speeds.

Andy received his degree at Northern Illinois University and is in his 37th year forecasting in Mid-Michigan - Going on year number 38 in June 2021. He also spent 1.5 years forecasting in Marquette. That is two winters.. that is how they measure time up there!

In Michigan Andy has lived in Negaunee, Jackson, Spring Arbor, DeWitt, Okemos, and Williamston.

When asked what he likes most about his job? "It is easy!" he says! "I love the daily challenge to get the forecast as accurate as possible and inform my audience how that will impact their lives and plans. I like to bring the audience along with me to show what is coming our way and when, and additionally trying to educate all the way. I have visited hundreds of schools over the years and I always tell the kids that I take a test every single day. They get upset until I tell them it is the same question every day. “What will the weather be tomorrow?” I wake up and get an instant grade."