AI surveillance begins at Michigan State Capitol

The new addition comes after protestors wielding guns stormed Michigan’s Capitol in 2020
The new addition comes after protestors wielding guns, stormed Michigan’s Capitol in 2020.
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 6:30 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Security cameras are everywhere, making it nearly impossible for humans to monitor all cameras at all times. That’s where artificial intelligence comes into play, monitoring multiple places simultaneously.

For the first time ever, AI is being used to stop people from bringing guns into the State Capitol using the ZeroEyes program.

“To make sure that we can keep weapons, and guns especially out of the building so people who work here, people who visit here, and people doing business here can feel safe,” said William Kandler, the Capitol Commission’s Chair.

The new addition comes after protestors wielding guns stormed Michigan’s Capitol in 2020.

“So I started the process then to ban open carry, but we’ve banned all guns now. To do that, you really can’t enforce it unless you have security, so that’s why we put in the security systems we have now,” said Kandler.

If the cameras do detect a gun, within 3-5 seconds, local and internal authorities will be notified of the person’s description, their last known location, and the gun type.

“Then we stay with them as a potential event could unfold. So, if that individual moves to different cameras, we get different detections, they get different dispatches,” said Dustin Brooks, a Co-Founder at ZeroEyes.

The artificial intelligence only alerts for guns, and only then does it track people. They have hundreds of guns in their database and continue to add even more.

“We’re really excited, everybody in the company knows it’s a very high-traffic area,” said Brooks.

Working to detect guns before they even reach the capitol doors.

Michigan is the first state to have this technology in its Capitol building. Lansing Catholic High School has been using zero eyes since October 2022.

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