Novi hosts first ever Michigan High School Cyber Summit

Published: Oct. 19, 2023 at 5:35 PM EDT
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Novi, Mich. (WILX) - High school students from across the state had the opportunity to attend the Cyber Summit conference in Novi.

Students learned about the growing industry and got connected with colleges and software super giants like Google and Microsoft.

Ayden Parsons with Holt High School said having the chance to attend events like this one is really important.

Parsons said, “It is invaluable just to participate in some of these skills or experiences to gain the skills.”

One of the more attractive things about a career in cyber security is the amount of jobs available and the many places you go.

In fact, there are so many jobs that even dogs have found a career in cyber security.

Maggie is one of two police dogs that work with Michigan State Police to search out and find hardware like computers, cell phones, tablets, and even thumb drives and SD cards.

Maggie was a huge hit with the students but it was schools like Michigan, Central, and Grand Valley that spoke to students about potential next steps in the field.

Laura Clark the Michigan Chief Information Officer said talking to kids still in high school is the best approach to attracting talent.

Clark said, “High school students are still looking and thinking about where they may want to go and what kind of career they may want to focus on. so the earlier we can talk to the high school students, we can hopefully get them and pique their interest.”

If you would like to keep yourself safe on your phone you can always click here for the Google Play app, or click here for the Apple app and download the Michigan secure app to stay protected from phishing emails, risky QR codes, unsecure Wi-Fi alerts and harmful apps.