What the Tech? App of the day: BeFake

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 6:42 PM EDT
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One of last year’s top-rated smartphone apps has some company. “BeReal” which jumped to the top of both App Store ranks, was billed as the anti Instagram.

A brand new app can be considered the ‘anti-BeReal’.

In case you missed the buzz about BeReal, the app prompted users to take both a selfie and a photo with the rear camera to show other users what they are doing.

All BeReal users received the notification at the same random time each day. Users have 2 minutes to snap and post the photos. But in time there were a few mild complaints that had nothing to do with the BeReal app and everything to do with how people spent their days.

The app notification always seemed to come when users weren’t doing anything special. So BeReal’s feed showed hundreds of people sitting at a desk, watching TV, or in bed.

Enter “BeFake”.

This app was released in August and works similarly to BeReal in that all users get a notification and prompt to take a photo and selfie at the exact same time. But instead of being real, “BeFake edits the image to look unrealistic. Snap the photos and you’ll be prompted to create a BeFake from that photo. You can either let BeFake generate the image on its own using a template or spell out what you’d rather be seen doing.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received the notification mostly while sitting at the computer working, out on the porch, or watching TV.

During one prompt, I took a snapshot of my wife and me watching TV. BeReal took the image and placed us both in medieval times where she was on a horse. Another time sitting at my computer working, I took a snapshot and told BeReal I’d like to be a rock star in a recording studio.

They didn’t look real and that’s the point.

The photos can be shared with everyone else using the app. In the month since it was released,

BeFake has surged near the top of the App Store charts. It’s a free app and it’s gaining new users every day building a social network where everyone is doing something spectacular.

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