Food instead of cash: Webberville High School taking donations for entry into football game

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 10:00 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Friday’s football game was a free night for fans at the Webberville High School football game. All the school asked was that people brought food donations.

Principal Jeannette Kiernan says, “We wanted to just advertise free admission and draw people in and then also at the same time collect money for our food bank and canned goods as well to try and restock.”

Restock the food pantry that is on the school’s campus. It came in handy after the EF-2 tornado swept through Webberville and knocked out the community’s power.

Tanja Scifers, the student council’s advisor, says, “That became like a huge resource for us and it became empty as the weeks went on with needing some things. We felt that this game needed to be more of we don’t need this money for our sporting event but we need it to replenish our food bank for our community.”

Scifers is one of many being recognized at the game Friday night.

”We are recognizing staff members that supported the community during the tornado relief efforts, different staff went out and gave up their time and resources and it was really just everyone taking care of each other.” Kelly Gillespie says.

Tanja Scifers was born and raised in Webberville and everyone in the town is like family to her.

“When stuff like this happens, you know when there’s a need, even if you’re the one that needs the need you’re still going to go out and do the need. So, I contacted my other co-advisor the same night and said hey, we gotta go check on our students. This is very important.” says Scifers.

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