Lansing union members react to strike

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:44 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Auto workers are on the job as usual in Lansing at GM’s Lansing Grand River and Delta Township assembly plants. However, that might change in the near future, with targeted strikes that could switch locations, and affect the supply chain.

News 10 spoke with a UAW retiree at Local 652, and he stopped by the hall to offer support and check in with his fellow members. He says this year is different from any other contract negotiation or strike that he’s seen. He’s been a UAW member nearly his entire life, and feels that unions are the only way for the working class to get a fair deal.

He thinks the general public stands with the UAW, and is seeing a lot more support for the union compared to years past.

In 2008, workers took cuts in pay and benefits, to save two of the big three from going bankrupt. For these cuts, workers were promised a return on investment that they still have yet to see.

He says America’s big three automakers have skyrocketed prices and profits, while employees in the plants stay stagnant.

“These CEOs and big boys, they talk on TV, ‘it’s a lot of money’. Well how come they took it? They ain’t working like the people in the plants. They’re sitting in their office, and how come they’re getting the big raise all the time? 30% raise?” said Jesse Castillo, a UAW Retiree.

Having participated in strikes himself, he knows how hard they can be on the workers and the economy. However, he says there’s no other way to get a fair deal, which he hopes can be reached soon.

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