Michigan Legislature introduces bill to reform statute of limitations for sexual abuse

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 7:15 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A new bill was introduced at the Michigan State Capitol Tuesday that would change the statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct in Michigan.

The new law would help sexual assault victims seek justice against those who are accused.

The new bill would eliminate the statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct in the second or third degree. In addition, lawmakers are looking to extend the maximum age a survivor can file a claim, from 28 to 52.

Survivors like Greg D’Alessandro said he is glad to help promote change.

“After being on defense your whole life, it is nice to finally take that step to be on offense,” D’Alessandro said.

Brian Hurtekant said survivors of sexual assault often don’t come forward and often need time to process events that occurred. This bill would address that, it would change the time frame survivors have to take action from three years after the assault or discovery of assault to seven years.

“This happened years ago when I was a child, at 13 years old, and it still today it seems like it was just yesterday that it happened,” Hurtekant said. “It takes a long time.”

Attorney Jamie White ensures future survivors of criminal sexual conduct are protected.

“Yesterday was probably one of three times when I cried like a baby, and I had heard these guys’ stories already,” White said. “It was a retell for me, and it is still just so emotional.”

Lawmakers said Michigan is behind other states in the laws that protect survivors. State Rep. Noah Arbit said he is excited that bills like this are going to help.

“It is really important that we, as a state, are rebalancing the scales away from perpetrators and towards victims and providing a greater opportunity to pursue justice,” Arbit said.

The current statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct in the second and third degree for an adult victim has a limit of 10 years or when the victim turns 21 years old, whichever is later.

These potential laws will look to give more power to the survivors of sexual assault.

Once the new bills get approval from the committee, they will go to the full House for consideration.

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