Hydration crucial as heat wave persists in Michigan

If you’re running, biking, or playing golf, you should prepare for the heat ahead of time.
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 7:46 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Friday is the fifth day in a row of hot weather, with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. Despite the heat wave, people are still enjoying outdoor activities.

If you’re running, biking, or playing golf, you should prepare for the heat ahead of time.

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People should make sure they are drinking plenty of water and slowly progressing into their activity.

Holt High School athletic trainer Noelle Kaminski said people need to be aware of what to watch for when we experience these extremely hot days.

“Similar symptoms, if I get an athlete who is experiencing a headache, dizziness, or confusion, then I take them into the shade,” Kaminski said. “I apply an ice pack to the back of their neck and ensure they are gradually getting into the activity.”

She said some of the coaches at Holt have implemented special practices to help keep the kids cool in the hot sun.

“The football coaches mentioned that they engage in water balloon fights to cool off during this heat,” Kaminski said.

The starter at Forest Akers Golf Course said that they have coolers and water stations throughout the course to keep people hydrated. When asked how he stays cool in the heat, Ron Perrine, starter at Forest Akers Golf Course, replied, “For me, I have a golf cart here that provides shade. I also consume a lot of Gatorade.”

“If you are golfing, ensure you have water with you and avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol, as they can dehydrate you,” Kaminski said.

She said overheating can lead to lasting medical complications if your core temperature exceeds 105 degrees.

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