‘Women are just as good’: Women enter trucking industry at highest rate ever

Midwest Truck Driving School trailer.
Midwest Truck Driving School trailer.(WLUC photo)
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 3:37 PM EDT
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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - As the driver shortage continues in the trucking industry, more women are entering the field.

“Just like office work, they claim is for a woman. It’s not, any man can sit down at a desk and do it. Just like any woman can hop into this truck, get in and go,” said Mikayla VanEnkevort, office manager of the Midwest Truck Driving School.

Right now, the Midwest Truck Driving School says women are entering the trucking industry at an all-time high, making up 18% of truckers. That’s 1.6 million women.

That figure matches what the school is seeing in its classrooms.

“Ten years ago, there would be a handful of females throughout the year. Now there’s one, two, three in every single class. That tells me that the word is getting out there,” said Josh Barron, a certified instructor for the Midwest Truck Driving School.

Barron says there are 100,000 available trucking jobs currently across the country, and that need extends to the U.P.

“There are open driving positions in every single city in the Upper Peninsula,” said Barron. “It’s important that females out there look at the trucking industry and know this is a viable career option. This is something they can do and be successful at.”

As trucking is a male-dominated industry, there are stereotypes the Midwest Truck Driving School is trying to break.

“The stereotype is that women can’t do it. It’s not the place for a woman to be. But you know what, women are just as good at getting their hands greasy, they’re getting them dirty. They’re willing to get involved,” said VanEnkevort.

The school encourages women and men to sign up for future CDL classes. If you’re interested, click here.