Expert job negotiating tips for the recent grad

Preparing for the interview is key
Published: May. 11, 2023 at 4:33 PM EDT
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(InvestigateTV) — Millions of college graduates will be job searching this year, but less than half of them will negotiate pay when given a offer, according to the most recent data available from CareerBuilder.

Andres Lares, a managing partner at Shapiro Negotiations Institute, said the key to any job interview is the find the balance of being confident, but not too comfortable.

“It’s important to look up that company, to kind of think about the questions you want to ask potentially,” Lares advised. “As you write them down, look into who will be interviewing you, all of those things.”

Lares said to be ready to answer those typical interview questions, but you don’t want your responses to sound canned. He said think of the key points you want to make and how to weave those into some of your answers.

“If you’re just coming out of school, there’s a lot for you to bring to the table. Certainly, your energy, your passion, the education that you’ve had. But of course, potentially not that much experience,” Lares noted. “So, balancing that and understanding that really, you’re there to grow and work as hard as you can have an impact is important, but being reasonable and humble is important.”

Lares shared several negotiating tips:

  • Know and communicate your value
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate your compensation
  • Research the median salary in your position
  • Consider health insurance, 401K contributions, and paid time off in the negotiation process