Adderall shortage leaves Michiganders struggling to get prescriptions filled

Published: May. 3, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The Federal Drug Administration announced that there was a shortage of Adderall in October 2022. Months later, patients are still struggling to get their prescriptions filled in Mid-Michigan.

Liz Kruger was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 16 years old and prescribed Adderall has changed everything.

“The first time I took my Adderall it was life-changing. I cried,” said Kruger.

Kruger said she’s struggling to get her prescription filled. Pharmacist Stephan Wilcox said his pharmacy has been low on Adderall since late last year.

“Sometimes this has happens towards the end of the year and it usually rights itself by the end of February, early January, but this time it didn’t,” said Wilcox.

The shortage has left many Adderall users in a panic.

“When we don’t have it it’s kind of like a crash back to reality there’s 8 different things here that need my attention and I can’t do any of them,” said Pepper.

Byron Pepper said Adderall helps him complete daily tasks, such as working in his family bakery. Byron said the symptoms of his diagnosis make tasks nearly impossible to finish.

“It’s like having a traffic light that’s busted so all the cars are going at the same time or none of them are going,” said Pepper.

The couple has not had to drive too far to fill their prescriptions, but they do have to make multiple phone calls when they need a refill.

“Over the past couple of months I’ve had to call either other branches of my pharmacy or completely different companies to see if they have my prescription,” said Kruger.

While pharmacists are doing what they can, the shortage is a struggle many are having to face. According to the FDA, until the supply is restored there are alternatives to the drug and patients should work with their healthcare providers to find the best treatment option.

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