Webberville Community Schools seek taxpayers’ help with school upgrades

“I’m afraid of what would happen if this doesn’t pass.”
Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 5:34 PM EDT
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WEBBERVILLE, Mich. (WILX) - Schools need more security to keep their students safe.

Webberville Community Schools are looking for taxpayers to pay about $11 more a month on average in order to make repairs, improve security and upgrade other things across the district.

Ellen Diaz is the front office manager for Webberville Elementary, but she’s also the mom of Webberville students.

“As a parent, I’m afraid of what would happen if this doesn’t pass. We all, as parents, want our kids to be safe at school,” said Diaz.

Aside from the need for more security measures, she said the school is more than 100 years old, and in desperate need of repairs.

“Our limited custodial staff is always running back and forth, trying to keep things operating,” said Diaz.

On May 2nd, the community will be voting on the district’s sinking fund, raising more than four million dollars over the next 10 years.

If it’s approved, families in the district will pay about $11 more in taxes every month.

The goal of the proposal is to increase security and make building repairs, among many other things.

“School safety being the number one, but then infrastructure repair and upgrade,” said Andrew Smith, Webberville Community Schools Superintendent.

One of the bigger upgrades they’re looking to make is making sure front office employees, can see the front door. Superintendent Smith says they will not be adding any new buildings, only fixing up what they already have.

He urges anyone with any questions to reach out to him. He can be reached at his office at 517-521-3422, or his cell at 517-897-2437.

“Schools are designed to be welcoming, but you know, it’s a best practice to have that line of sight to the main entry, and that’s not how schools were designed before.” Andrew Smith, Webberville Community Schools Superintendent.

Webberville’s Superintendent says securing classroom doors, getting cameras at all exterior doors, and getting emergency radio systems in place, are just some of the goals with this funding.

“As a parent, with four kids going to school here. There’s nothing more important than their safety,” said Diaz.

Keeping students safe, and maintaining history.

CATA will provide free rides to the polls. The election is on Tuesday, May 2nd.

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