What the Tech: Spring cleaning with TikTok

A look at gadgets recommended by TikTok that could help you get things organized.
A look at gadgets recommended by TikTok that could help you get things organized.
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 12:19 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - When you think of TikTok, you probably think of funny silly videos and viral dances. But if you know where to look -- you can also find some helpful information. Even information about how to do some spring cleaning the right way.

I have more things plugged into my computer than most people. I counted nearly a dozen devices that were either connected to the computer or to electricity. So even when the top of my desk is cleaned off, there’s still a tangled mess of wires behind and around my desk.

TikTok is crazy about these outlet covers that hide the traditional outlets and have a three-plug power strip so no one will see power strips hanging out of the wall. I also picked up a couple of wire trays or baskets to get the clutter by holding larger power strips and the wires plugging into them. The shelves connect to the back of the desk well above your feet to help hide the plugs and cables you need.

Then, I began connecting and hiding cables and plugs inside the baskets. Two more power strips inside the baskets where I could connect the speakers, lights, monitor, microphone, and chargers. When I finished, most of the wires were actually hidden.

Finding something in storage might require opening several plastic tubs before you find what you’re looking for. TikTokers recommend these QR Smart Labels to keep things organized. Simply take a photo of what’s in the bin, box, or tub and add what’s in it. Then, slap the QR Code sticker on the box. When you’re looking for something, just search for it in the app and the QR sticker will help you find it. No need to open tubs or boxes until you stumble on what you’re looking for.

Did TikTok get it right? I think so. Two of the outlet covers were $26 and the wire baskets were $26 as well. The QR Code stickers were $16. In the end, it was about $70.

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