People left finding new routes after Amtrak cancelations

Published: Mar. 26, 2023 at 8:09 PM EDT
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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Railroad company Amtrak had last-minute cancellations for rides Friday after the company began experiencing communication issues with their control system.

This led to people needing to find an alternate way to and from locations. Sade Parker showed up for her scheduled train ride to learn that it had been canceled. She said she was put out without notice.

“My train was canceled a day before I was supposed to leave and that caused a lot of delays. I was supposed to go to work today, and I ended up missing work,” said Parker. “I am happy I am able to get home with the buss. They said it was service problems and stuff but like I feel like it was bogus cause why cancel it without telling me.”

Like dozens of passengers, Sam Plieth waited at Chicago Central Union Station for hours on Friday only to learn he wouldn’t be making it to East Lansing.

“I was there all day,” said Plieth. “I got there and there was no warning that my train was delayed, I stayed there about 5-6 hours and then they finally told me that my train got canceled. They weren’t giving too many updates.”

With trains not operating, many were left with having to decide between spending more on a rental car or buying a bus ticket. Others have been less fortunate and were not able to make the train. They were left having to change their routes and travel plans.

Amtrak said they are working to restore services and cancellations have been primarily in the mid-west.

As of Sunday, there are no confirmed time schedules on when the issue will be fixed.

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