Waverly High School increases security measures: No more food deliveries allowed

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 6:24 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Starting Monday, Waverly High School is increasing security measures. The school got a new resource officer and they announced a new rule about food deliveries.

Waverly is also starting the stricter enforcement of existing rules, regarding opening and closing exterior doors. They want to decrease the number of people coming in and out of the building during the school day, in an effort to prevent violence.

Waverly High School sent an email to parents Sunday reminding them of some current rules and giving updates on what’s new.

“We’re going to eliminate food deliveries during lunch, as a security measure to help eliminate the need to open and close our doors,” said Tony Terranova, Waverly High School Principal.

Food deliveries won’t be allowed at Waverly High School starting March 13.

Although they have a closed campus lunch, the school has seen an increase in students leaving for lunch. They’ve also seen an increase in students ordering food delivery.

“I’m concerned for all the students here, and it’s sad that it has to be this way. I never had this kind of stuff when I went to school,” said Phyllis Rewerts, a grandparent of a Waverly student.

The school’s goal is to keep any threat of violence from entering the building.

“I think it’s really good, and I think that it’s amazing, at least they’re trying,” said Journey Marshall, Waverly High School Freshman.

The school hopes their new resource officer, and the heightened awareness around opening doors, can help keep them safe.

“We need to change,” said Rewerts.

While some students aren’t happy with the new rule, the administration said these changes are necessary to keep their students and staff safe.

Some of these rules are not new, specifically the rules regarding entering and leaving the building. Waverly High School said they will be “stepping up” consequences for students who break those rules.

Waverly High School hopes to break ground on a new main entrance in the fall. The school hopes the new entrance will create a safer, single point of entry.

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